Focus WMS

Focus Warehouse Management System is the ideal solution to prevent chaos at a warehouse and eliminate all obstacles that will slow down operations.

VAT Compliant

Focus Softnet is an accredited provider of VAT ready business software. In the quarter of a century since its inception, it has prepared multiple business solutions that complied with different tax rules across several countries, making it an experienced and trusted provider of tax complying business software.

Focus WMS is to operate under the GCC VAT regime. The software reduces order processing time, improves responsiveness to demand and supply and ensures that all resources are put to optimum utilisation. It is a preferred business solution for warehouses and storage facilities of all sizes.

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Top Benefits


Business Benefits

    • Enables perfect order fulfilment and on-time shipment
    • Eliminate costly physical inventories
    • Make optimum use of human and warehouse resources
    • Reduces order processing times
    • Minimizes shipping, put-away and picking errors

Functional Benefits

    • Provides real-time information over a network
    • Automatic restocking based on maximum and minimum levels
    • Ability to manage multiple locations
    • Improved management control and reporting
    • Helps plan and track labour resource

Technical Benefits

    • Dot net platform with MS-SQL database
    • Built on .Net Remoting system
    • Web enabled
    • RF enabled Integration with Hand Held Terminals
    • Sends alerts based on user IP configured in user definition.

Focus WMShas disproved the myth that wastage and high costs cannot be minimized at a warehouse. With its highly automated processes, powerful control structure and accurate forecast capabilities, it lets you optimize your inventory to a level that will remove all dents in the movement of goods and management of the stock.

Modules and Features

Warehouse Setup

Warehouse Setup

  •  User Definable Warehouse configurator
  •  SKU package definition
  •  Storer information system
  •  Easy Warehouse setup
  •  Online Warehouse Usage reports
  •  User Master/IP configuration for hand-held pick instructions
Inwards Process

Inwards Process

  • Customer purchase orders, advance shipment notice, receiving tally sheet, cross dock
  •  Auto generation of pallet id, capturing of complete SKU attribute information like lot details, batch details, expiry/manufacturing dates etc.
  •  Integrated Inwards Process can be handled through wireless Handheld Devices for faster transactions
  •  ASN details can be loaded into RTS and can perform the receiving
  •  Cross Dock feature helps speed up the complete transaction with a single entry


  •  Movement by Location/SKU, movement instructions sent on the handheld
  •  Movement confirmation, movement to put away locations
  •  Various options of movement that give flexibility to move the SKUs from location to location with the search options by location, SKUs, stores etc., exception alerts on Move for weight and occupancy criteria.
Outward Process

Outward Process

  • Customer sales order, pick list, auto allocated pick list, pick confirmation and delivery notes
  •  Pick instructions for full pallet, piece picking, pick based on FEFO, FIFO, batch numbers and lot numbers
  •  The integrated Outwards Process can pick the data from customer sales order to generate auto pick lists enabling the end user to track the locations of the SKU locations with ease
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  •  Barcodes, pallet IDs, batch numbers and expiry dates can be maintained. inventory can be tracked by aisle, by location, by rack at the bin level
  •  Perpetual count, cyclic count, physical stock reconciliation and stock adjustments and transfer of ownership
  •  Ease of access to inventory at the bin level with tracking of batch numbers and expiry dates, easier physical stock count with an option to upload the txt. files for reconciliation


  • Billing by storer/storage type /SKU
  •  Monthly, weekly and daily billing options
  •  Billing by per pallet/CBM/weight /quantity
  •  Integrated to the ERP system
  •  Comes with flexible billing options, enabling customers to choose the best option
  •  Integration to existing ERP system enables holistic view of receivables to the accounts department on real-time basis


  • Purchase order
  • Sales order
  • Reports are available on web


  • Storer information
  • Stock details
  • Occupancy utilization report
  • Short expiry report
  • Billing reports
  • Empty locations report etc.


  •  User Level Security
  •  Admin Level Security
  •  Security for Web Access
  •  Network policy

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