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Focus Softnet is a one of the top ERP software vendors in Bahrain with robust VAT ready Cloud based ERP solutions for every major industry. Since its inception over 25 years ago, it has put a strong emphasis on R&D and incorporated best industry practices with state-of-the-art technology, earning powerful partnerships and expanding its presence across the globe in 18 countries.

Focus Softnet’s solutions cover all major industry verticals such as retail, manufacturing, warehousing & logistics, real estate & construction, distribution, automobiles, education, service establishments and healthcare. With its users crossing the 1 million mark and a base of over 30,000 clients, it’s focusing its efforts towards improved versions of its ERP solutions that comply with local tax regulations in 18 countries and contain powerful business intelligence tools for in-depth and accurate business analysis.

Our Solutions

Focus 9

Focus 9 is the new leading edge ERP solution by Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider building revolutionary products to support today’s complex business requirements.

Focus 8

Focus 8 is flagship solution of Focus Softnet, an accredited ERP software vendor in the GCC region with over 30,000 customers.


Focus i

Strengthen your business with a flawless Business Intelligence embedded in a strong ERP that enables seamless integration.

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Focus WMS

Focus WMS is VAT ready warehouse software from Focus Softnet, a provider of top ERP and SCM software in 18 countries.


Focus MRP

Focus MRP is a VAT ready Material Requirement Planning software introduced by Focus Softnet, one of the best manufacturing.


Focus POS

Focus POS is a highly capable VAT ready POS software from Focus Softnet, an renowned provider of retail solutions in the GCC.


Focus eRMS

Focus e-RMS is a VAT compliant restaurant management software from Focus Softnet, one of the top providers of ERP solutions in GCC.


Centra CRM

Centra CRM is a robust Cloud CRM software provided by Centra Hub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet and one of the top CRM software.

Centra HCM

A highly efficient and customizable solution for Human Capital Management, Centra HCM not only helps in automating processes.

Centra REMS

Centra REMS is an all-encompassing software for holistic real estate management. With its three comprehensive modules that guarantee a 360 degree view of a.




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